• Eat the right food. 
  • Safeguard your drinking water.
  • Sleep well.
  • Walk briskly everyday.
  • Sing a simple tune.
  • Accept things as they are.
  • Anticipate for good results. 
  • Act on what you have anticipated upon. 
  • Write in your journal daily. 
  • Share with others. 


"Where the Bible and Science meet for Health." 


On Integration and Desalination

by Jodel Deauna on 07/06/14

We will be integrating the Numbers115 Website for Autism. According to our milestones and deliverables, we will upgrade it after we have submitted our SBA Project. As much as we are helping a lot in desalination, we have to focus on one project at a time. Reviewing literatures and what is online, "many minds" are working in desalination right now. There are also lots of rewards for desalination. However, we, at Numbers115, prioritize on what is needed most. We found out through our research that there are more gaps to fill in Autism. Related problems. We believe in the great potentials that we are not using to solve our problems. We believe we can tap the potentials of our fellow citizens who have Autism.

More on the NIH Project

by Jodel Deauna on 06/29/14

We just had submitted our proposal for the CSR Enhancing Fairness and Impartiality in Peer Review Challenge. This challenge, in particular, is very timely. We have been taking the challenges and so far, this is the challenge that is most meaningful for us. The concepts that we shared are from our real world experience with regards to taking up the challenges. It is the learning experience that is most important. We are hoping that you join the challenges. There are many barriers and problems that we can solve together. Together, we can do IT. 

On the NIH Project

by Jodel Deauna on 06/28/14

We have barely two days for the NIH Project but we still can make it. The idea is to propose a novel concept, to challenge the existing paradigms, to apply the idea, to implement and relate this to the NIH Peer Review process. All submissions must be submitted in .doc (Word) format. Please check the citizenship requirement. There will be more of these challenges. Visit

On Your Questions

by Jodel Deauna on 06/24/14

As always, we tried to answer questions in many forms. It can happen anywhere. We believe that these are the best ways to answer them. Your questions are very relevant to what is happening today. Just like us, you are concerned with solutions. Together, we can do it.  

On Grant and Grant Writing

by Jodel Deauna on 06/20/14

Writing grants is the application process that has to be completed. It is for the purpose of funding. It is usually provided by the US Government foundation, corporations, and other entities. In Numbers115, we are specifically focused with the US and International Governments. The application process is simple if the applicant is guided through the process. Actually, we are working to detect bias among those who are reviewing grant applications. We believe that we can detect the biases to make the application process more fair and impartial. We believe that everyone needs to have a fair chance in Grant Applications. To be successful in grant writing, one has to be able to grasp the meaning of grantsmanship, which is knowing the audience and adjusting the language to the audience. Therefore, it has to be appropriate and focused. The process of grant writing includes a clear understanding of the purpose of the grants, gathering the necessary information, and synthesizing ideas relevant to the grants, writing, proofreading, and applying either MLA or APA formatting. Then, you can make a Final Copy and submit it before the deadline. Glad to be of help.

On Desalination--Desal Prize

by Jodel Deauna on 06/17/14

This is a challenge aimed at the creation of a sustainable and environment friendly water desalination system. It is for human consumption and for food production. Requirements included that it is renewable energy, high water recovery, cost effective, easy to maintain, and is durable. This is specifically for a remote or rural setting.

Taking a Nap--La Siesta!

by Jodel Deauna on 06/13/14

La Siesta! This is how it is called in Spain and in other countries. It has been found out to increase the immune system's functions. Just like sleeping, taking a nap revives the cells. A short nap is very effective. Like the fiesta, the siesta brings good things. In Spain, the siesta is taken in as a practice. I found out that the siesta helps the amygdala a lot.

The Ten Simple Steps--A $1.4 Million Idea

by Jodel Deauna on 06/09/14

According to the news, it costs $1.4 Million Dollars on the average to support a person with Autism in his or her lifetime. We are sharing the Ten Simple Steps. The Ten Simple Steps is a $1.4 Million Idea because it can support a child or an adult with Autism to function. We are sharing the Ten Simple Steps to you. Please feel free to share with others.

Blog us for any questions.

On Jobs

by Jodel Deauna on 06/05/14

Browse the news! The jobs are on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Let's help one another. The time is now. 

Rain Water is Desalinated Water

by Jodel Deauna on 06/01/14

With Solar Energy (coming from the Sun), ocean water becomes vapor. This is evaporation. The liquid ocean water changes to its gaseous state. The water evaporates, leaving the salt behind in the ocean. Then, the vapor rises where heat transfer occurs (2nd Law of Thermodynamics). Condensation happens where water vapor changes to liquid. The water is stored in the cloud. This is drinking water. Then, it falls as rain, snow, or sleet. This is called precipitation. Rain Water is desalinated water. Some of the water percolates into the ground and becomes part of the groundwater. This is safe to drink if the area is devoid of pollution. Water that infiltrates rock layers becomes embedded and becomes part of the aquifers. In California, these areas are not being recharged because of the persistence of the drought condition. Now, I have answered your related questions. Please don't hesitate to ask more questions. Together, we can find solutions.

On Desalination

by Jodel Deauna on 05/31/14

According to evolution, the birds, the reptiles, and us evolved on land. Our kidneys, just like the leaves are very efficient at water conversation. Because of adaptation, some animals lived and are living in the sea. The primary source of drinking water for these animals is ocean water. Whales, being mammals, are able to handle their salt intake by having huge kidneys. According to many studies, some animals developed desalination glands. We can use biomimicry and use these glands for our designs. I am sharing, as promised, through this blog. Let's help each other to find timely solutions to desalinate ocean water efficiently. More blogs to come. 

On Mental Evolution

by Jodel Deauna on 05/22/14

I have been very busy lately. However, because you asked, my answer is that we are getting faster. We are also getting faster in our reaction time. Computer Keyboardings, texting, tweeting, and many other technologies allowed us to evolve getting faster. Our abilities allow us to do what is good. It allow us to create opportunities for others. Let's keep on using big data together. We can use it for the Common Good. I will be finishing with my experiments on Memorial Day. I will be sharing a lot. Please blog us anytime.

Your Answer on Autism

by Jodel Deauna on 05/16/14

As I have mentioned before, I will gladly answer your questions on my blog or on my Twitter. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the person's ability to communicate and to interact socially. Let's help out! However, no two children or adults with Autism have the same symptomatology. My observations through the years showed me that developing eye contact is very important. If eye contact is developed, then we may be able to help them to develop other skills. They may develop empathy. Empathy is putting yourself into the shoe of another. This is very difficult to develop in cases of Autism. We should be careful though in how we physically communicate with them. Children and Adults with Autism react differently because they have different neural connections. It is better to respect them with regards to communicating with them physically. Let's take care of one another and let's consider that we are different in some ways with others. Let's keep on sharing.

For A Healthy Nation

by Jodel Deauna on 05/12/14

A Healthy Nation starts with each individual effort to be healthy. Numbers115 will help us to be healthy. It has been proven effective for more than 3,000 years. It is still true today. It is instrumental for gaining and maintaining one's health. If we have good health, then we will be assets to our nation. We will also be assets to the world. These days we are very interconnected, social media, e-mails, etc. Let's use these technologies with Numbers115.

Back To Immunity

by Jodel Deauna on 05/09/14

The Ten Simple Steps that we have been sharing is a good start to increase your immune system. As posted before, the immune system is made up of military-like Special Forces that are programmed to go into rapid deployment when there is a condition that calls for it.

Let us try our best to increase our immune system in our simple ways. The Ten Simple Steps is what we have been sharing. These days, we have to keep ourselves healthy. Good Health is Good Immunity. We will keep on blogging for this is one way we can overcome the barrier of bad health.

On Bubonic Plague

by Jodel Deauna on 05/07/14

Centuries ago, Europe had the "Black Plague Experience." Almost one-third of the population of Europe was wiped out. It was brought by a disease caused by Yersinia Pestis. Yersinia Pestis, the etiologic agent that caused the Black Plague, had been endemic in rats of Europe and Asia. Condition arose which brought about a full-blown epidemic that killed inhabitants of small communities and even big cities placing Europe in a condition of darkness. Then came the silver lining. 

Those who survived lived longer. We can learn a lesson from this. Those searching for living longer have to consider the immune system. I believe those who survived were healthier to start with.

On Walking

by Jodel Deauna on 05/06/14

Walk and move your body from side to side. If you walk briskly, exaggerate your upper body movement just like a mini-golf swing. This will have an effect on your reticular activating system (RAS). The RAS is the part of your brain  that believes you will achieve your goal. It is also the part of your brain that will accept, will anticipate, and will lead you to action.  If you walk and move your body from side to side, you are exercising your bones, muscles, and brain.

More on Immunity

by Jodel Deauna on 05/05/14

The unsaturated fats keep the memory of the immune cell intact. When an immune cell responds to a particular substance, the immune cell retains a memory of that substance. This memory exists because the immune cells undergo mitosis (cell division). While one group goes to battle immediately, the other group remains as reserve. Therefore, when the body is exposed to the same substance later, the reserves mount an attack immediately. These reserves remember the substances and mount a "blitzkrieg" attack.

More on Immunity

by Jodel Deauna on 05/04/14

The receptors of the cells are influenced by what fats are available. If good fats are not available, then the receptor sites decrease its surveillance capacity. Also, saturated fats decrease the life span of the components of the immune system. I found out that the ideal condition to fight microorganisms or cancer cells is in an unsaturated fat-filled battlefield.

It is best to take more of unsaturated fats. Eat well!

More on Immunity

by Jodel Deauna on 05/01/14

The cell membrane has receptor sites that serve as points of attachment for bacteria, viruses and harmful substances. These receptors are actually checkpoints of the immune system. These checkpoints are throughout the body and are supported by virtual military installations. These checkpoints when subjected to attacks of microorganisms or cancer cells are turned into battlefields. With proper communication, these checkpoints recognize the enemies and the battle for the body's defense commences.

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