• Eat the right food. 
  • Safeguard your drinking water.
  • Sleep well.
  • Walk briskly everyday.
  • Sing a simple tune.
  • Accept things as they are.
  • Anticipate for good results. 
  • Act on what you have anticipated upon. 
  • Write in your journal daily. 
  • Share with others. 


"Where the Bible and Science meet for Health." 

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On Acceptance

by Jodel Deauna on 04/24/14

It is hard to accept that one has a disease or even just obese. Also, it is hard to admit that one is not doing the right thing. We need acceptance. This is the first step that we have take. This is a choice. In attempting to do so, conflict may arise. When it happens, anxiety will turn to more anxieties. This cycle will lead to your immune system diminishing its function. Therefore, we should stop the cycle and do the right thing. The right thing to do is to accept whatever it is. 

On Humans

by Jodel Deauna on 04/23/14

The world is being asked to make the right decision. The right decision is that we practice sharing. It is for the common good. It would build cohesion, maintain vitality, strengthen our social relations that will allow our world to succeed. Humans are social animals. We seek to prosper both in material wealth as well as in health. With these, we seek to satisfy our desires and enjoy it with others. It is this concept that brings us together in the spirit of service to others.

On Humans and Animals

by Jodel Deauna on 04/22/14

I love animals. I raised more than a dozen dogs and same numbers of cats. I raised even pigeons (the huge kind). My alpha pigeon even stayed in my Study. They do serve in military units all over the world. They serve in the Air Force, the Army, and definitely the Navy. If you have been reading the news as I suggested, you already had found out that there are dolphins in Special Forces. They are highly trained. Let's love these animals. Actually, they are bearers of good news and good things. Let's learn from them.

On Health Diets

by Jodel Deauna on 04/21/14

I have made lots of research on many Health Diets. I found out that the Numbers115 is effective. Personally, I lost 30 lbs now and my immune system is very efficient. However, I would like to share further a diet and a health plan from the East in a particular place where they have the highest living individuals in the world. Their diet and health plan are very traditional just like the Numbers115. Actually, the Ten Simple Steps are in their health plan. The Numbers115 though is thousands of years older. I will be sharing more. I am answering questions anywhere I am asked. I answer it in a long format in this blog. You can also ask me questions in my Twitter account.

More on fats

by Jodel Deauna on 04/17/14

Cholesterol becomes a problem when it is present in high amount in the blood. It caused a plaque or a patch to form in the lining of the blood vessel. These patches lead to a condition that cause the blood vessel to be clogged. The blood flows in a manner similar to the condition of water in a pipeline. If the clog becomes significant enough, it develops into atherosclerosis, which is from the Greek word athere meaning porridge and sclerosis which is the condition of hardening. Personally, I lost 25 lbs using Numbers115 Health Plan. I intend to lose more pounds using the same plan.

A short answer for the question about Fats

by Jodel Deauna on 04/17/14

To understand fats, we have to define triglyceride and cholesterol. Triglyceride is fat that can be found in almost everything we eat. "Glyceride" refers to glycerol and fatty acids while the prefix "tri-" means three. On the other hand, cholesterol is the white crystalline substance, which is the end product of triglyceride. "Stereos" is a Greek word, which means solid and "khole" is from the Greek word, which means "bile".

Question raised on sleeping

by Jodel Deauna on 04/16/14

There are two recognized levels of sleep that has been extensively studied in sleep laboratories. The first level is non-REM. In this level, the body relaxes, which leads to a decrease in the heart rate, respiratory rate, and changes in the blood pressure. The second level is REM sleep. In this level, there are changes in the respiratory rate, blood pressure, and muscle tonicity. There are occurrences of rapid eye movement. These levels occur consecutively, which start in a period of more than an hour.
Non-REM is followed by REM. This is followed by consecutive levels at an increment of 5 to 20 minutes over an average of eight hours of sleep. If this happens, then we have a good sleep. This is true for us and also for individuals with Autism.

Health Informatics and Autism

by Jodel Deauna on 04/14/14

Autism is prevalent and is still on the rise. We need to increase our efforts to face the challenges of collecting, analyzing, and sharing information from selected patients. Information Technologists with Health Informatics background will be needed to work on these challenges. We, at Numbers115, are taking the challenge. Please blog us for further questions. 

Health Informatics

by Jodel Deauna on 04/12/14

You can blog Numbers115 about Health Informatics. There are lots of jobs out there. These jobs are here to stay. Let's share with one another! This is also true for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Jobs out there.

On Autism Research

by Jodel Deauna on 04/06/14

We will be blogging about the immune system and Autism. 

Extended Answer on Photosynthesis

by Jodel Deauna on 03/29/14

Understanding photosynthesis is not easy. However, it can be learned early in the elementary grades. I used to teach them the colors of the rainbow, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet(ROY-G-BIV). The knowledge of these colors will help these students to understand other concepts when they reach the upper grade levels. This knowledge becomes part of the student and allows him or her to understand science better. Science then becomes meaningful. After all, the objective of science is to connect these concepts to bring about the better understanding of life. There are reactions that occur in photosynthesis. These reactions are needed for photosynthesis. The two sets of reactions are called the light reactions and Calvin Cycle reactions. The light reactions occur in the thylakoid membranes, which is the membrane that surrounds the thylakoid. While the Calvin Cycle reactions occurs in the stroma, a fluid-filled space surrounded by the double membrane of the chloroplast. The light reactions occur when the chlorophyll absorbs SOLAR ENERGY within the thylakoid membrane. When this happens, the electrons are energized. Once energized, these negatively charged electrons are pulled out by acceptors that bring it down in a staircase reaction from a high to a low energy level. Energy is captured in this process. This energy is used in the Calvin Cycle reactions. The reactions continue to the Calvin Cycle reactions. The Calvin Cycle reactions are responsible for food production. Here, the carbon dioxide coming from the atmosphere diffuses into the stroma. Then, the carbon dioxide gets connected to a molecule containing five carbons. This results into a molecule of six carbons that splits into two. Once reduced by the electrons from the light reactions, this 3-carbon becomes food in the Calvin Cycle. Food comes from the fish and the plants. The fish consumes the planktons floating in the ocean. These planktons are the organisms that capture SOLAR ENERGY and by PHOTOSYNTHESIS produce food for the fish. Once inside the fish, this food is change into fish oil in its tissue. In the plant cells, the chlorophyll absorbs SOLAR ENERGY that allows PHOTOSYNTHESIS to occur which lead to production of FOOD. The FOOD, which is the product of photosynthesis, is essential to HEALTH. This is NUMBERS115.


by Jodel Deauna on 03/25/14

Food comes from the fish and the plants. The fish consumes the planktons floating on and in the ocean. These planktons are the organisms that capture SOLAR ENERGY and by PHOTOSYNTHESIS produce food for the fish. Once inside the fish, this food is change into fish oil in its tissue. In the plant cells, the chlorophyll absorbs SOLAR ENERGY that allows PHOTOSYNTHESIS to occur which leads to the production of FOOD. The FOOD, which is the product of PHOTOSYNTHESIS, is essential to HEALTH. This is Numbers115. 

Clean Energy from Algae

by Jodel Deauna on 03/14/12

Clean Energy from Algae. Please join in.

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