• Eat the right food. 
  • Safeguard your drinking water.
  • Sleep well.
  • Walk briskly everyday.
  • Sing a simple tune.
  • Accept things as they are.
  • Anticipate for good results. 
  • Act on what you have anticipated upon. 
  • Write in your journal daily. 
  • Share with others. 



Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/20/14

I was requested by Professor Deauna to join the group working on the Public Health App specifically for Ebola. I will join a Java-Based group. Together, we can do IT.

Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/19/14

I am focused in helping patient centric sort of information where a person with Autism can be managed for his or her wellness. I am also working on the timely acquisition of data, especially with regards to public health issues, including Ebola. This is part of public health architecture. 

Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/18/14

My milestones and deliverables will be around Thanksgiving. Because of our public health emergency (viruses), I am searching for its application and how it can be used for public health. Autism is also a public health issue.  

Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/16/14

I am working on another app. The best to do is not give up. Let's keep going. It is tough to integrate but we are getting there. I was able to secure my archives from UMass Boston. This will help me a lot. 

Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/11/14

I am still testing. I am also attending to my post-graduate activities. I will be working with Electronic Medical Records by November.

Carlyle Deauna

by Jodel Deauna on 10/07/14

I had my breakthrough four days ago because I was doing some testing on my own.

The Ten Simple Steps (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 09/30/14

It's very timely to share. We are sharing the Ten Simple Steps. Meanwhile, I am busy working on my project. My mobile apps for Electronic Health Records and Autism.  

The Ten Simple Steps (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 09/29/14

We are still sharing the Ten Simple Steps. Good for our immune system. Meanwhile, I am working hard on my apps. 

Follow Up on the Business Plan

by Jodel Deauna on 09/28/14

I am making my first business plan on Information Technology.

Carlyle Deauna

Follow Up on the App

by Jodel Deauna on 09/27/14

I believe it's time to build a new business plan. With the emerging trends in health care, one has to be updated of what is happening. Let's work together.

Autism and Twitter (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 09/25/14

I plan to connect Autism and Twitter. However, for this to work, I have to go through several of the APIs of Twitter.

APIs are Application Programming Interfaces.

Carlyle Deauna

Grant Sharing

by Jodel Deauna on 09/24/14

There are many grants available for Autism and Information Technology. I am done with and I am thankful for the skills I learned from them. This time, I am applying for Numbers115's grant. Let's try to develop Mobile Apps for Autism and Information Technology.  

Mobile Apps and Grants

by Jodel Deauna on 09/23/14

Good Morning, Everyone.

I ordered a book on Mobile Apps. It is called How to Start a Home-based Mobile App Developer Business (Home-Based Business Series. I hope I will get it as soon as possible.

Also, I will be researching for grants that will help me build my first mobile app.

Carlyle Deauna

Update on my Post Graduate Studies (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 09/20/14

I am adjusting with my Post Graduate Studies. I am still working with my apps. I will be blogging more this time.

Latest on the project (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 09/03/14

I've been working on the project by myself. However, a few days ago, our scientist at Numbers115 finally joined me full-time. I worked by myself the whole summer. I am putting it together now. Although my class will start soon on Health Information Technology, it will be beneficial to me. My intention is to share this as soon as I can to people with Autism.

Update on my project (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 08/26/14

This is Carlyle Deauna. I am still very busy working on my project. I will update with details as soon as I can. Let's keep on working for the benefits of people with Autism.

Health IT (Carlyle Deauna)

by Jodel Deauna on 08/11/14

I will be blogging more on Health and Jobs of those High School Graduates with Autism. Together, we can do IT. 

Busy with the Apps

by Jodel Deauna on 08/08/14

I am trying to build a very simple app to begin with. It is fun. However, I still need more time with the other functionalities. I am busy with my Post Graduate Activities.

Carlyle Deauna
(Information Architect)

App Sharing

by Jodel Deauna on 07/30/14

We will be sharing the apps when it's done. We just finished working tonight. We want to be part of the solution, especially when increasing one's immunity is very important these days. 

Game Design

by Jodel Deauna on 07/28/14

There are many game designs out there but we are designing our original game, which are the Numbers115 (How to Increase Your Immune System) and the Punctuated Prompt Technique.

Carlyle Deauna

Health Information Technology 
We remember the fish, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic. -Numbers 11:5